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The Upper Division School

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The Upper Division School is located in the basement of the Church Office building.  The students us this entrance at the back.  During good weather they ride their bicycles to school and use the bike rack.


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Reed Benson, the headmaster of our Christian Heritage Academy church school, teaches a history class in a group setting.  The students begin classes at 8:30 am, following a self-paced program until classes dismiss at 12:00 pm.  The senior students stay to attend an intensive Bible study class until 12:30 pm.


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Here Mr. Benson presides over a focus group.  Students at the same grade level are sometimes grouped together when working on common subjects, allowing for intensive interactive learning.


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Here are the senior students learning about the internet.  They are contributing to the design and construction of this church website.


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You can see that they are quite pleased with themselves, and a little bit shy about having their picture on the World Wide Web!


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