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A Tour of the Sanctuary

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Sanctuary Outside.jpg (41932 bytes)

Our beautiful Sanctuary was originally used only for Festivals, but is now used every Sabbath to accommodate our expanding congregation.


S Pews 2.JPG (28151 bytes)

These comfortable solid oak pews were donated by a loving member of the Church from Oregon.


S Apostles sign.JPG (32809 bytes)

There are large signs on both sides of the Sanctuary.  The Ten Commandments and the Apostles Creed represent the cornerstones of the Christian Faith.


S Apostles Close 1.jpg (36082 bytes)

These signs were professionally made from redwood with gold leaf lettering and constructed and donated by loving friends in Arkansas.


S Piano.JPG (31676 bytes)

This truly Grand Piano, donated by a patron in Texas, is 'instrumental' and 'plays' an important part in all worship services.


S Organ.JPG (29473 bytes)

The sign on the south side of the building serves as a backdrop to this organ used every Sabbath day, played with talented and loving hands.


S Ten Sign.JPG (32276 bytes)

Here is a close-up of the Ten Commandments sign.


S Sacristy.jpg (21433 bytes)

The Altar area at the back of the Sanctuary, has a beautiful stained glass window overlooking this Holy place in the Sanctuary.  The stain glass was designed, constructed, and donated from longtime members in California.


S Banner SG.jpg (27049 bytes)

The Church banner, depicted in stain glass, hangs over the main door to the Sanctuary.  This glass also came from California.


S Standard.JPG (27099 bytes)

Flags of the various countries where the 12 Tribes of Israel migrated hang on the walls throughout the Sanctuary.  Of the four Tribal Standards, here is the one for the Camp of Joseph.

S Tribe SG 5.JPG (24903 bytes)

Designed and donated by a long time friend in Michigan, there are 12 beautiful stained glass windows designed around each of the Tribes of Israel.


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