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A Typical Sabbath...

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 Over 150 people gather on Sabbath morning to attend services that begin at 9:45 am and end sometime after 12:00 pm.  Typically, the service will include a formal prayer service from the Book of Common Prayer; a reading and commentary from the Holy Bible; a call to prayer (where a prayer list is built) followed by an anointing service.  After Morning Prayer, the local choir will minister in song, the congregation will lift their voices singing hymns of the faith, and we will enjoy various musical specials during the service.


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Opening the service, one of the men of the congregation will greet the congregation, announce songs, and ask a blessing of God on the service.  The Morning Prayer Service is conducted by one of the ministers, and the reading of the first and second lessons are conducted by men from the congregation.  Again, after Morning Prayer, we will normally hear the local choir sing and then the reading of the Law.  The reading of the Bible is conducted by a member of the congregation, and then commentary is given by one of the ministers.  The many prayers are offered by the ministers and members of the congregation.  The song services are usually accompanied at the front by volunteers from the congregation.


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Timed to accommodate the cassette tape lessons that are mailed out for the Tape Ministry program, Pastor Gayman will give a one hour lesson.  These lessons are always stimulating and thought provoking, being filled with scriptural insight.  There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit has called Dan Gayman into service of the Christ the King, and has anointed him with an insatiable love of God's Holy Word.  All of us here at The Church of Israel are most grateful for his leadership and his Ministerial Calling in Christ.



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