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The Church Office

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This church office building is truly a multipurpose building.  It is home to the church administration offices,  the Missionary and Literature Room, the Cassette Tape Library and duplication facilities, as well as the Church Library.  The basement is used for the Upper Division School and has storage areas for the many books and booklets published by the church.


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Pastor Dan Gayman works daily in his office (unless he is traveling on a Hunter Ministry trip of course!)  There is a steady stream of telephone calls and stacks of letters awaiting him every day.  To keep up with the load, Pastor Gayman rises every day at 4:00 am and continues on a full time effort until late at night.  God has blessed him with great health and he rarely misses a day of work.


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Assistant Pastor Gray Clark manages the Missionary and Literature Room and is a contributing writer for the Watchman and Vision Magazines.  Pastor Clark is in the office daily and helps with the prayer and counseling calls along with many of the administrative details for the church.


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This is the cassette tape duplication area.  Nearly a thousand cassette tapes are duplicated here every month for the Tape Ministry program.


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The master tape library contains over 2,000 sermons and lessons.  A catalog of sermon tapes and lesson series is available on request from the church office.


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Past copies of the Watchman and Vision publications are stored here.  As you can see, some stacks are getting quite short!  Unfortunately, when all the copies are exhausted, that particular issue will no longer be available.


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There are many informative tracts, pamphlets, and brochures available.  These are particularly useful for introducing specific Biblical topics to friends and loved ones.  The titles of these short publications are listed in the Missionary and Literature catalog.


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Here is a small portion of the nearly 1,000 unique books, booklets, cassettes titles now available from the Missionary and Literature Room.  A complete catalog is available for the asking.


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A well stocked Church library serves the young to the old of the congregation.  The entire back wall is filled with children's books and titles arranged by subject matter around the four walls of the library.


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The extensive reference section and library of small publications is helpful to school students working on reports.


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