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The Ark

Multipurpose Building

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This large Multipurpose Building is fondly referred to as "Harry's Ark," named so in loving memory of Harry Uridge, whose financial gift made this building possible.


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There are many simple bedrooms located on the second floor.  These sparse dormitory "apartments" offer a comfortable yet private home away from home for festival keepers during the week long celebrations.


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This is one of the smaller rooms in the Ark.


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A small chapel is located in the corner of the second floor, which also serves as a classroom for special seminar classes during the Feast.


Ark Bath 1.jpg (19534 bytes)

First class bathrooms are located on the first floor.


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Several private shower stalls are found with dressing areas in each of the restrooms.


Cafeteria 2.JPG (26860 bytes)

Nearly the entire festival congregation can be accommodated in this new larger cafeteria. 


Kitchen 1.JPG (29028 bytes)

This large kitchen provides plenty of room to prepare meals for the congregation.  The dishwashing station is off to the left and is always looking for volunteers!


Kitchen 3.JPG (29038 bytes)

It takes a lot of pots, pans and stoves to feed all those people!


Kitchen 4.JPG (38445 bytes)

As well as lots and lots of food!


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